What we believe
Life Community exists to glorify God by leading people to become lifelong followers of Jesus!

The Essentials

Jesus: He is our God, and we live for Him.

Bible: We submit to Scripture as our highest authority.

Worship: We strive to honor God at all times, in all things.

Disciples: We desire to be fruitful members of the family of God.

Mission: We bring the gospel to our neighbors across the street and around the globe.

Open Hand | Closed-Hand

When it comes to doctrine, culture, preferences, traditions, lifestyles, politics, behavior, etc, Life Community takes a “closed-hand/open-hand” approach. The closed hand hangs onto the non-negotiable tenets of Christian orthodoxy (click here for our Doctrinal Statement).  The open hand, however, allows room for differences when it comes to secondary matters; we liberally allow freedom for conscience and wisdom to guide where the Bible is silent. This allows us to celebrate the diversity expressed in our city, so that we can be a congregation of Democrats and Republicans, soccer moms and business professionals, carnivores and vegans, urban artists and Mac nerds.

One of the best ways to find out what we believe at Life Community is to attend our BASIC Life Course. Find out more, and get registered, here.

Have more questions? info@lifecommunitynow.org