At Life Community, we want to be on mission with what Jesus commanded: make disciples.  To that end, worshippers are at various stages in the process of discipleship.  Regardless of where you are, there is a place for you to belong!  At the same time, we want to embrace what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples, so we will always encourage you to move forward along that continuum.  Join with us in the mission of becoming disciples who make disciples by identifying where you are and meeting someone to help you take the next step.



When you are just beginning, you want to often just be an observer so that you can determine whether or not you like what Jesus and His followers are all about. For many of you, it means your introduction has been attending our larger gatherings on Sundays. You may also want to attend one of our events or retreats.

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What better way to learn about the family of people that make up Life than to serve alongside them on one of our serving teams, which include setup/teardown, audio/video, hospitality or assisting with LifeKids. There are also other opportunities to join a missional community or a DNA group, which is the hard work of learning to be a disciple and committing to follow Jesus in all of life. You may follow Jesus in baptism once you’ve decided to make that commitment.

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To help leverage what you’ve learned up to this point in the discipleship process, we have different classes (like Story) or training opportunities (like DNA), while others (like BASIC and New Members Workshop) are required for the next step in discipleship formation (covenant membership). Covenant members are encouraged to participate in further training opportunities as well as short term mission trips.

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Covenant membership is not the end; rather it is the beginning, for this step is where you take ownership of your role in making disciples. The mission Jesus gave all of us is to make disciples who make disciples and we desire that for everyone. Leadership can take various forms, be it in a Missional Community, a LifeKids teacher, DNA leader, eldership, or being a deacon. We want to help you in your calling as a follower of Jesus to make disciples by training, equipping and sending you.

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