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Life Community exists to glorify God by leading people to follow Jesus in all of life!

If you’re new here, you may have a lot of questions about our church, who we are, and what we do. We hope to answer a few of those questions, and give you a feel for what we’re all about. If you have any questions that you don’t see answered here, let us know!

This is our story…so far.

Life Community began in 2008 as a Bible study in a living room with about 15 people, and a desire to plant churches and lead people to become lifelong followers of Jesus. Having outgrown the living room, we started meeting at the Boston Marriott of Quincy and currently hold our gathered worship opportunities at Sterling Middle School, located at 444 Granite St in Quincy.

Since the beginning, we have been asked numerous questions about who we are.

Questions like what kind of church are you, who is this church for, and why do you meet in a school? Simply, we are a Christian church, for everybody, that will have it’s own building some day! But what you really need to know about us, is that we are group of imperfect people whom Jesus has saved and we’re committed to following His way of life.

In reality, though our story is just a smaller part of the larger story of God; the story of God’s rescuing and restoration through Jesus. Christians call this story, the Gospel, and because of God’s grace to us through Jesus, everything we do and say is centered around Him. We often say that Life Community is a church where Jesus is “the big deal.” Even if you have heard the Gospel a thousand times, you should click here and read this. It’s impossible to understand our story in it’s context until you’ve heard God’s story.


When, where, and why we gather as a church.

In order to accomplish the mission of leading people to become lifelong followers of Jesus, we meet together in different environments that each have their own specific shape and purpose.

Sunday Morning Worship Gatherings
We currently gather as a big extended family to worship Jesus each Sunday at 9AM & 11AM at  Sterling Middle School in Quincy. You can expect a time of singing, prayer, and communion as well as biblical preaching every Sunday. For children under 11, we have Life Kids activities in The Greenhouse (5-10), The Garden (3-5), and The Nursery (0-3) during the 9:00 worship gathering. The Nursery is available during the 11:00 hour as well. You can find out more about Life Kids, here.


Missional Communities
Missional Communities (MCs) are smaller groups of people that meet for the purpose of growing as disciples and living as missionaries. These groups of 15-25 people meet together regularly, challenging each other to live out the gospel, sharing meals together, celebrating together, and living on mission in their neighborhoods and communities. Contact an MC leader below to get connected to a group in your area. For additional info on MCs, click here.

Missional Community Locations & Leaders:
Houghs Neck: Aaron & Kortney Cavin |
Wollaston: Avery & Jessica Diener |
Quincy Center: Matt & Chari Bramlett |
East Braintree: Jon & Candice Wilson |
Braintree Highlands: James & Rachel Matzdorff |
Milton: Anand & Megan Sekhar |

DNA Groups
When we place our faith in Jesus, God restores us to himself and to the lives we created for.  This restoration of our lives back to the way they were intended to be isn’t something that happens in isolation, but through our relationships with other followers of Jesus.  We can’t do it alone.  DNA groups are groups of three to four people (from the same Life Group) that get together weekly for discipleship and accountability.  How do you get involved in a DNA group?  Join a Life Group, and ask your Life Group leader to help you get into a group.

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