459px-Un-myanmarThe Country
Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma is located in Southeast Asia and shares a border with Bangladesh, India, Laos, Thailand and China.  The population of Myanmar is just over 50,000,000 of which less then 4% claim to be followers of Jesus.  While rich in natural resources, Myanmar is the poorest country in Southeast Asia with a 32% poverty rate.  In addition, 240,000 Burmese live with HIV/AIDS as a result of intravenous drug use and the country remains a major source of human trafficking.


The Mission
In 1999 Vel Za Siama started Independent Baptist Church in Yangon city with 11 people.  The following year he and his wife Nute were married.  Since then God has used them to start 9 other churches and in 2004 they started the first Grace children’s home with one orphaned girl.  Today Grace children’s home has 31 orphans and in 2013 they started a 2nd Grace children’s home which has 19 orphans. God continues to use the Siama’s and Independent Baptist Church as they live on mission with Him proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Myanmar.


The Goal
By God’s grace and for his glory we hope to accomplish the following projects over the next 5-10 years.

    • Re-build the church property wall- $270 (Completed!)
    • Purchase a motor scooter- $660
    • Purchase a washing and drying machine- $890
    • Prep and plant new produce for farm land- $900
    • Dig a 1/2 acre fishing pond- $2500
    • Build a farmhouse and watering system on farmland- $3,600
    • Install water purification system for orphanage- $4000
    • Redesign and build kitchen for orphanage- $5,500
    • Purchase additional farm land- $7500
    • Purchase property for boys dormitory for orphanage- $37,500
    • Build boys dormitory for orphanage- $37,500
    • Build a church building/training center- $60,000

Mission Trip 2014 Recap