A missional community, or MC, is simply a group of people in proximity who live life together for the purpose of gospel transformation in themselves and their community.


Each MC is called to a specific place, people, and purpose and is living out the gospel in those contexts. As these MCs grow, they multiply into more gospel communities living on mission, permeating every neighborhood of our cities.


We believe that place takes precedence, as who better to know your neighbors and community than you, the person who lives there? For that reason our MCs are based on proximity so that you can be more effective where you are.


Everyone belongs in God’s Kingdom. We all long for that feeling. Missional community is a place where you can come and be a part of a family. MCs are made up of people like you who are trying to follow Jesus and be obedient to what He said. When you become part of an MC, you become part of a family and all that comes with it, including being loved and served!


The purpose of MCs is to go as missionaries. Missional communities are a means to an end, not an end themselves. Rather than just going to an MC, MCs go to their communities, living out the gospel, learning how to demonstrate and proclaim it in their particular context, and love each other and the people to whom they are called. Here are some of the ways MCs have served and loved their communities and each other.


To help us grow into the ways of Jesus and help each other be obedient to Him in all of life, we meet in DNA groups within each missional community.  Simply, DNA groups are two to four people of the same gender from the same missional community who meet regularly/weekly to disciple one another through scripture, accountability and prayer.

While DNA groups are only one component, they, like the other components (Growing as a family, Gathering as a community), cannot exist on their own, any more than the disciples could make disciples without Jesus, without the Spirit, without others. Discipleship is invitational, it is communal, it is missional. Like MCs, DNA groups make disciples who make disciples, so you could say that the “DNA” of our DNA is multiplication.


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