Missional Communities
Growing as disciples. Living as missionaries.

Carrying out the mission God has called us to requires more than attending a worship gathering on a Sunday morning. There has to be a place where the ideas and truths we learn are lived out in our daily lives.

Jesus came with a mission and left us with one when He ascended back to the Father. This mission requires not only life-on-life but also life-in-community. That community is one where we’re immersed fully into gospel living, loving, and learning.

When God came in the flesh in the person of Jesus, He came to live and die for so that we could be restored back to communion with Him. While here, though, He didn’t just come and live a solitary life; attending synagogue on Saturdays, studying the Torah with small group and then living on his own the rest of the time. Rather, He spent His daily life, His comings-and-goings, His everyday-walk around-life with this group of twelve. This was so that they’d be immersed in a culture of what He was training them up to do.

The mission that Jesus left us with–to make disciples who make disciples–requires the same thing. To fill every possible space with the glory of God, we need to intentionally immerse ourselves into an atmosphere shaped by the gospel so that we can truly understand how to live that out.  This is where our Missional Communities come in. They are groups of people who live in proximity, who live out the gospel together as a family so that they can then in turn go and do likewise in every space where God has put them.

How do I get involved?

Wouldn’t it be great to sit down and talk about living on mission, in community to be able to ask questions, to meet some people already experiencing it?

With our Missional Community Info Dinner you can get exactly that…and a free meal to boot! Join with us in learning what it’s like to be a disciple who makes disciples as we look to Jesus as our model, follow His Way together, and listen to His Spirit in all of life.

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If you have any questions about Missional Communities, please contact Dave McPherson. dave@lifecommunitynow.org