Life Courses
Loving God and living a gospel saturated life.

Life Courses are electives that we offer at Life Community for anyone that would like to learn more about God and the life they were created for.  It has been said, “That in order to live for God, you must first love God, and in order to love God you must first learn about Him.”  That’s what Life Courses are all about; helping people learn about God, so that they will love God, and ultimately live for Him.

For more information about Life Courses, please email pastor Aaron:

Basic is a one day course designed to give an extensive overview of the gospel. The course will include the following three sessions: God and Creation, Jesus and His Church, and the Holy Spirit and the Christian Life. Basic is required for (but not limited to) anyone interested in membership at Life Community. The next session of BASIC will take place on Saturday, February 20th, from 9AM – Noon. Register here.

Topics covered include:

God and the Bible
The Bible, God, Creation and Sin.

Jesus and His Church
Jesus, Salvation, and the Church.

The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life
The Holy Spirit, Stewardship, and the Mortification of Sin.

“A gospel centered marriage is where two people have as their principle focus the atoning work of Jesus Christ.  It colors their attitude, it colors their relationship, it transforms everything.”- Tim Savage

The Gospel Centered Marriage course is designed to help married and engaged couples to do exactly that.  This six week course will give you the theological framework as well as the practical tools to begin living out the marriage God created you to have.

Week 1 – What is a Gospel Centered Marriage?
Week 2 – Oneness: The context for a gospel centered marriage is “oneness”
Week 3 – Roles: The role of a gospel centered marriage is “gospel reenactment”
Week 4 – Sex: The benefit of a Gospel Centered Marriage is “sexual intimacy”
Week 5 – Communication: The work of a Gospel Centered Marriage is “cultivation”
Week 6 – Management: The management of a Gospel Centered Marriage is “biblical stewardship”

Gospel Centered Marriage takes place over six consecutive Wednesdays. Stay tuned for the next session.