Good Friday – Finished

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Good Friday – Finished

30 When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. — John 19:30

Completion. Consider for a moment how much work we put in to get things done. There is even a method of doing things called “Getting Things Done.” There are apps, checklists, goals, all kinds of ways to manage and measure productivity. All that time we are trying to organize and plan what we are going to do, we can fail to actually complete anything for which we’ve set out.

Have you ever noticed that just about the time you can cross off a few things on your list that you’ve already added several others? Or perhaps you’ve “snoozed” a few things or moved them to another category. Maybe you’ve tried to consolidate your scrap pieces of paper into one neat electronic list. The lists, the organizing can be unending.

It is quite different when you begin to toil for something other than lists and things. Those bring about a chasing of something that is temporal, something that won’t be there once it’s completed. When we do those things for ourselves and for our gain, the benefit is solely ours and thus the reward is only for us. And that leaves us wanting more.

If we are to be like Jesus, then the work to which we are called is done only in obedience to the Father. It is done through the power of the Holy Spirit as it’s work that counts for eternity, that transforms lives, that changes cities. This “list” is one filled with people, people that God brings into our lives and that we cannot merely check off. Rather we get to do life with them, doing the work that could affect eternity.

When we begin to live our lives in obedience to God, our perspective on what is “complete” begins to change, for we see that it is God who actually does the work and, in His time, completes things. Jesus goes to the cross for us and in complete obedience to the Father. Because of that work, only He can say before He dies that the work is done. Complete. Finished.

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