Preview Meetings: Saturday, October 29th, 10 AM & 1 PM

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Preview Meetings: Saturday, October 29th, 10 AM & 1 PM

We all love a good preview to a movie, don’t we? There is an art to creating the right preview, for that can, at times, make or break the success of a film. An inordinate amount of time can be spent on the editing process, creating and then recreating just the right frames to draw us in as viewers. After all, the director has just about two minutes into which they must compact two hours of film.

Consider when you watch a preview, for you’re giving the makers of that movie—everyone involved—just a few minutes of time to make “the pitch.” And then, oftentimes, they will construct a second preview, after evaluating the reception of the first preview. And then, as the consumer, you decide whether to spend your time and resource on something that fades. It may be full of laughs, or, it may only contain the funny parts that you already laughed at in the preview! Often, though, we are let down, for it seems like the best parts were concentrated into that two minutes!

What if a preview were for something far greater? What if it was just a foretaste of something we cannot even fathom? This is what God’s people throughout the old testament experienced, all the while looking forward to God coming in the flesh. And when He did, in the person of Jesus, the experience shattered any anticipation that they may have had. Jesus was more than they could’ve imagined!

We live in this same manner now, where we can only anticipate what God is going to do through His church. A preview of that can give us a little taste, but every day we experience it, small as it may be. The preview of the Kingdom of God allows us to move forward, playing a part in the story God is directing, using each of us as actors to complete this amazing work.

Specifically, at Life, we want to give you a preview of the script we believe God is writing for us. To that end, we are holding preview meetings this coming Saturday, October 29th, at both 10 AM and 1 PM at Glad Tidings Church in Quincy (158 Washington Street). Come join us as at one of these meetings to get a glimpse of how the Spirit is at work through His people to do MORE in the cities, towns, neighborhoods to which we’ve all been called.

Please sign up for one of the times here so that we can plan accordingly for refreshments and childcare, both of which will be provided.

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