HOLY SATURDAY – The In Between

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HOLY SATURDAY – The In Between

Romans 8:10 But if Christ is in you, although the body is dead because of sin, the Spirit is life because of righteousness.

Even in His death, the Spirit was working in and through people. Matthew 27:54 reveals belief by the centurion in charge that Jesus was who He said all along. And when He was buried, some other soldiers, thinking the job was done, even in their actions display belief. Sure they refer to Him as an “imposter,” but they believe what Jesus said about Him rising from the dead in three days. Hence they put a heavy military guard…at a tomb! (Matthew 27:62-66).

Imagine the disciples on the Saturday after Jesus dies. He’s buried in a tomb covered with an enormous stone, Roman soldiers all around it. They’ve scattered in fear, perhaps for their own lives, perhaps for the ridicule that awaits them. They are without hope, for the One whom they’ve followed, lived their lives with, given up everything for is dead. It is, seemingly, all for naught. The question that perhaps lingers most on their lips is one of what to do now. Why would this happen?

We ask the same thing, for the most challenging times in our lives are often the in between ones. It is those times when we are uncertain of the outcome, where we are anticipating something, where we begin formulating things in our minds that may or may not be true. In between may only be a moment but it always seems to last a lifetime. We begin to develop doubt in these times or we grow impatient with what God is doing…or what we think He isn’t doing.

Not knowing is what’s so difficult. But the disciples did know; Jesus told them so. It is true for us as well. We know that He will perfect and refine our faith. That perfection and growth and stretching takes place during these in between times, where we are must choose to completely rely on Him, trusting that He will complete in us what the Father completed through Him. In other words, resurrection is coming!

We can fail to see the Spirit moving in these “in between” times and in times where we are spiritually dead. When we decide to repent and put our trust in Jesus, we can rest in knowing that He is still at work. We have to constantly put to death the flesh rather than trying to resurrect it on our own. Let us rather allow the Spirit to bring us back to new life. When we are dead because of our sin, He makes us alive because of His righteousness!


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