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Romans 8:6 For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

This day in Holy Week is often referred to as “Spy Wednesday” because of the betrayal of Judas. His mind is set on the flesh, as he believes he can exchange his guilt and sin and shame for thirty pieces of silver. He says for that, in Matthew 26:14-16, he’ll deliver Jesus to the chief priests. Those little pieces of silver are what drives him from that point forward to the betrayal of the Son of God.

Interestingly, we can do the same thing in any number of decisions we must make, whether they are life-changing or just simple daily choices. We can be driven by temporal things–like money–that can leave us still unsatisfied or full of guilt and shame. Or, we can decide to set our minds on the way of the Spirit and allow Him to fill us with lasting satisfaction and peace.

Consider the standard play on many game shows. You get to choose from two or three things. What is frequently done is that one thing is revealed at a time. The catch is that you have to choose one without seeing the other, and thus forego whatever that may be. What do people do the vast majority of the time? Opt for something that may be better! They almost never take the first thing.

Instead of trusting the Spirit to give us the life for which we’ve been made, we (falsely) put our hope in something else, thereby exchanging lasting life and peace in the Spirit for temporary pleasure and uncertainty in the flesh. Judas did this in seeking a bag full of silver, only to fully recognize a while later that the only One who would bring Him that fulfillment was Jesus. Hence he tried to give the money back!

He forgot that setting your mind on the flesh, on sin, leads only to death. Here was Jesus, moving toward paying the actual price for our sin–His life–right before Judas and yet he chose what was easy, what was convenient, what he thought he needed. Because of this, his life from that point forward is torment and turmoil, and, eventually, death. He even tries to give the money back before he dies. It is only when we have our minds set on the Spirit are we able to experience the life and peace that comes through Him.


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