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Every year, during Advent, we make available the opportunity to give towards generosity and justice at Life Community through the Advent Offering. The Advent Offering is used to help meet the needs of the poor, hungry, and displaced. Needs are assessed throughout the year and these funds act as a “surplus of generosity” to meet the most immediate needs at the time.

Below is an anonymous letter from a single mom we were able to help because of the generosity of those who gave to the Advent Offering.

I am a single mom who resides in Quincy, MA.   I am a sinner.

I have 2 children God has blessed me with.  One of my children has a learning disability and the other suffers with depression and bulimia.  I also suffer with depression and I am a survivor of domestic violence.  One needs courage to survive in this physical world, I find that courage & strength through Jesus Christ.  Since coming to LCC I realized my past and my sins do not determine who I am.  Sin does not have the last word.  Jesus Christ nailed them to His cross for me and all who believe.

Through the advent offering, God’s people have helped me stay in our home.  I was in an accident 2 years ago and was out of work.  The bills and mortgage payment put me in a financial crisis.  Please know that your efforts are appreciated.  My hope is that you find it in your hearts to be generous.  Without your help, my family, as well as others could not find the resources to provide for us.

Life has changed for me now.  I give back to the community because I believe in the mission of LCC.  I stand strong in my faith, knowing that God has a better plan – through Jesus Christ I am saved.

You can give to the Advent offering during the month of December at our worship gatherings on Sundays, at the Christmas Eve gathering, or online HERE.

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