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Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane!

You’re sitting in a class at some point in your life. Let’s say it’s high school, you’re in 3rd period history and your teacher will not stop talking about the Boston Tea Party. It’s like this guy is obsessed with a few sneaky individuals boarding a boat and throwing tea into the ocean! After about 5 weeks of hearing about how Boston Harbor must have smelled like the Lipton Factory, it dawns on you that maybe you should pay attention? I mean it’s been 5 weeks, mid terms are soon and this might possibly be important, right? Even the worst student ( put me in that category!) understands that if a teacher mentions something enough times that there has to be some kind of importance behind it.

Jesus is our ultimate teacher and he continually reminds us through His Word that we are to care for our neighbors and for the poor. We find references to helping those in need all over both the New and Old Testament. I think we can all agree that this must be very important to Jesus and if it is important to Him, it should be that much more important to us! One example of this is found in Luke 3:11 which says “Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise”

We are a little less than a week away from our Pack the Uhaul event. Our goal is two fold as we try to put as much food as possible in a truck and stock the shelves at the Germantown Neighborhood Center but also, this is a great way to show the love that Jesus has shown us in a very practical way. Germantown is a very low income part of Quincy that also happens to be very isolated. The majority of people who live there are single parent families with multiple children, and the elderly. Most of these people are living at or below the poverty line and depend on the food pantry as the major source of food to feed their families. Typically the GNC gets their food from the Boston Food Bank but they can only get what the Food Bank has which lately has not been much. Sometimes they have someone show up with a few bags of groceries to donate but the GNC is servicing somewhere in the range of 4800-5000 people monthly so although those smaller donations are great, the impact is minimal. I have personally been at the GNC when they have opened the food pantry doors after we have unloaded a Uhaul truck and the look on the people’s faces is just different. They don’t usually get brand name, delicious food to pick from. They are so excited about the variety and even more excited that they actually have a choice as to what items they bring home. I urge us all to give what they can so we can make a real impact on our neighbors. Join us as we love on people and an area that really needs it and stay for a little family time after as we share a meal together that afternoon.

2 Corinthians 9:7 Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver

If you are unable to donate food, but would like to give to give toward this effort, click here.


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