Super Summer Kids Week

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Super Summer Kids Week

Beach Event… Then What?

Every year, at LCC, we put on a huge Beach Event (Saturday, August 3rd) for the members of the Quincy community.  We plan games, music, movies, inflatables, food and have an army of volunteers ready and willing to serve the people in the communities around them.  It’s just one way that we reach out to the city, show them the love of God and allow ourselves to be instruments of the Gospel.

So, we do all this work, then what?  This year, the answer to that question is Super Summer Kids Week, a camp for school age kids (going into Kindergarten- exiting 5th grade).  Every night, the week after the beach event (August 5-9), we are going to come together to provide Quincy’s kids with a place to go to have fun and learn about Jesus.  The camp will be held Monday-Friday from 6-8 pm.

The kids will take part in worship, biblical teachings and centers, such as art, dance, drama and sports.  The program is designed to reach children and engage them in activities that will be fun for all learning styles.  The sessions will be action packed and full of fun!

We believe that this will be a great way to reach out to the people in our community and engage them, and their children, in conversations about the Gospel, while showing them the love of Christ.  Our hopes are that people whose families enjoy our beach event will also bring their kids to our Super Summer Kids Week, which will hopefully lead to their family attending one of our worship services.  The impact of the Beach Event will be even greater, when we follow it up with something this awesome.

How are we going to do all of this?  I’m glad you asked.  You are how we’re going to do all of this.  We need everyone to pitch in to make these events a success.  We want you to see this summer’s activities not as two separate events, but as one continuous outreach program. We are asking for all hands on deck.

We need people to facilitate organized chaos (help with centers), dance the night away (motions for the music), make sure we don’t lose a kid (register and check in/out children), build and disassemble a mini city (set up/tear down), help with boo-boos (nursing background required) and herd children (build relationships and guide them through the centers).  It’s a tall order, but we know that we can do it!  If you would like to help, please click on the link below.  It will ask you to list your top three volunteer choices.  You will be contacted for a background check in the coming weeks and we will let you know where you are assigned.

Thanks for sharing in our vision!  Click here to volunteer

Looking to register your child(ren)? CLICK HERE

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