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Life Kids Blog | Peace

In The Greenhouse, the theme for the month of February was peace. As a teacher, I was pretty excited to find out this was the theme.  How much easier would things be if all of the kids got along?!

As I watched the videos each week and read the plans, I started to realize that adults probably needed this teaching more than the kids do. Sure, siblings fight and young friends have arguments, but usually, 10 minutes later they’re best friends again. This is generally not the case for grown ups… we like to hold grudges.

The video teachings showed a man named Brandon doing nice things for his friend, Ryan, after they had an argument.  Brandon wanted to prove how much he cared about Ryan and their friendship.  As a kid, I would draw a picture, share my favorite toys or help around the house to show my love and how much I wanted or was thankful for forgiveness.  To be honest with you, in my adult life, there are very few times that I can remember doing anything like that.

We learn a lot about showing forgiveness to others.  Because we have been forgiven of so much, by Christ, we should forgive others.  This idea is so incredibly important, but what about those who need or have received forgiveness?  What if we took a leaf out of our kids’ books and did caring things to show how grateful we are?

Jesus made peace for us and God, so that we could have a relationship with a holy God.  God could never be at peace with our sin, so Jesus paid for it all through his death, burial and resurrection.  He knew we would continue in our disobedience and he did it anyway.  No grudge, no record, no charge.  When we accept Christ, we are paid, in full, forever.

So, this week, make a little peace.  Show you care, even if you don’t feel like it.  A washed dish becomes so much more when it is done with a heart that is full of care and love.

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