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The Lenten season is a period of approximately forty days that begins on Ash Wednesday (Feb 13th) and continues until the Saturday before Easter (March 30th).  More than just placing ashes on our foreheads, giving up meat, or abstaining from a particular device, this season is intended to focus the church on the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  It’s a focused period of time to remember the perfect life that Jesus lived, the sacrifice he made on the cross, and the new life made available through the power of His resurrection.

The effects that seasons like this have on our lives impact the unity of the church dramatically.  The reason for this is twofold:  as we embark on this season of greater focus on Christ, we we must do so with a clear conscience toward one another as well as offering forgiveness to those who have wronged us.  Additionally, in choosing to participate in a fast of something that distracts us from Jesus and replacing it with more of Him in our lives, we are able to more readily take on the posture of forgiveness and reconciliation.  Having resolved issues in our relationships, and removed distractions in our lives, we are ready to move forward in unity with each other, toward deeper communion with Jesus.

In order to encourage this, we are asking all of our Life Groups to move their meeting time during the first week of Lent, to Ash Wednesday, so that we can all enter into this season together as a unified community through a time of prayer, worship, and remembrance.  Jesus lived out with twelve guys all of the challenges that come with living in community.  So we not only recognize the model that Christ set for us, but also come to the realization that living it out is best done in the context of community, where you learn to love others, share life with others, and bear one another’s burden.  If you are not in a group this would be a great time to join one.  You can view the current list of Life Groups and get involved, by clicking HERE.  We do not want anyone to enter into this season at Life not surrounded by community.

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