Is Jesus Enough?

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Is Jesus Enough?

Is Jesus enough?  The answer seems obvious: of course Jesus is enough.  But before we dismiss this question and move on to more pressing issues, maybe we should reconsider our answers.  Because in the end, as we pursue holiness and the life that God has called his children to live out here and now, our prize is Jesus.  Jesus is who we get when we die.  That’s it.  Jesus.  And if we’re not craving Jesus now as Peter asks us to, what makes us think that we will start craving Jesus in heaven?  Maybe we need to start re-examining our notions of heaven.

Peter tells us that as we crave Jesus, we become holy.  In fact, our pursuit of holiness has everything to do with our proximity to Jesus.  And make no mistake about it: our pursuit of holiness will cost us everything, just like it did Jesus.  Our continual longing for Jesus builds in us a desire to sacrifice everything for Jesus and his glory.  That is why Peter can write that God is transforming us into living stones, just as Jesus is the precious cornerstone.  As we become more like Jesus, we become “the spiritual house” for the glory of God to dwell in like it did in the Old Testament.

Why?  So that people around us could realize that the glory of God dwells amongst His people.  And that is something the world is not used to seeing.

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