Joy in our Trials

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Joy in our Trials

Life is hard.  It’s full of trials.  Jesus promises us that we will face trials.  Peter reminds us in 1 Peter 1:6-9 that we will undergo many trials of different kinds.  But unlike the rest of the world, God calls us to rejoice in our trials.  This seems a bit counterintuitive.  Why should we rejoice in our sufferings, trials, and hardships while the rest of our world tries to run from them or blame someone else for them?  Peter explains that we are to rejoice in the trials we face because they allow us to become more like Jesus.

Trials don’t happen by accident.  They’re not some cosmic mistake that God did not foresee.  Peter understands that trials are for our sanctification, the process by which God through the Holy Spirit is making us to be more like Jesus.  Jesus faced trials.  Jesus suffered.  And through those trials Jesus was able to completely rely on his Father.  So Peter reminds us that as we face trials we have the opportunity to cling to Jesus and love him more fully in ways that we wouldn’t if those trials never came.

What is interesting about this passage is that Peter does not give a list of reasons why God allows trials.  The point is not why.  God never promised us the answers.  Rather, Peter’s point is as Christians we are to be so rooted in the joy of our Savior Jesus Christ that no trial, temptation, or suffering can steal that joy away.  The point is inexpressible and glorious joy in Jesus who is undefiled and unfading.  And if we are not rooted in that joy, then we will falter.

Are we rooted in the joy of our Savior?  If not, what are we putting our joy in?


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