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This week, we have several church groups from around the country in Quincy helping us prepare and promote for Family Fun At The Beach.  We call the week LAUNCH, and it has been a part of our yearly calendar for the past several years.  The groups will be here, passing out flyers around Quincy, helping us organize and run the beach event, volunteering at Father Bill’s, cleaning up Wollaston Beach, and basically performing whatever task is needed to help prepare for such a huge, FREE event.

You can also participate in a few ways.

1. Take some time this week to pray for this group of people (approx 50 students and adults), that have come to Quincy to help make our event a success.  Pray that God would work in them and through them as they spend time in our community.  Pray that God would allow opportunities for Gospel conversations and that He would use this week to bring a larger awareness of our church in Quincy and ultimately more glory for himself.

2. You can help by participating at Family Fun At The Beach.  Sign up here.  It’s not too late to get involved!

3. Join us for worship Tuesday – Friday at 6PM in the Angel Hall at Eastern Nazarene College.  We will be having a short time of worship and challenge, and we would love to have you join in!  Perhaps you could even get your Life Group together on the night you would usually meet and come as a group…just throwing that out there!

If you have any questions about what’s going on this week and how you can get involved, feel free to contact us at the church office.

Launch Itinerary

Monday 30th
12-9pm   Arrive and Check in at ENC

Tuesday 31st
8-9am          Orientation @ ENC Campus
9-12pm         Flyer Distribution
12-12.5pm    Lunch in Quincy
12.5-5pm      Flyer Distribution
5-5.5pm       Dinner
6-7pm          Worship & Challenge @ ENC Angell Hall

Wednesday 1st
9-12pm         Flyer Distribution
12-12.5pm    Lunch in Quincy
12.5-5pm     Flyer Distribution
5-5.5pm       Dinner
6-7pm          Worship & Challenge @ ENC

Thursday 2nd
8.5-12pm      Volunteer @ Father Bill’s & @ LCC Office (15 People)
12-1pm          Lunch in Quincy
1-6pm            FF@B Prep @ LCC Office
5-5.5pm        Dinner @ Clam Box
6-7pm            Worship & Challenge @ ENC Angell Hall

Friday 3rd
9-12pm           Volunteer @ Wollaston Beach: Beach Clean up
12-12.5pm      Lunch in Quincy
12.5-5pm       Free time in Quincy/ Boston & Dinner
5-6.5pm         Worship & Challenge @ ENC Angell Hall
6.5-7pm         FF@B Event Meeting @ ENC Angell Hall

Saturday 4th
8-12pm          Set up @ Wollaston Beach for Family Fun Event
11.5-12pm      Lunch On the Beach
12.5-9pm       Run Family Fun Event
9-11pm           Clean Up Family Fun Event


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